miercuri, 23 aprilie 2014

Animal Instinct/ Dear Romania

Hi Loves! Today I want to tell you about my crush. I mean, from time to time I have a small crush for animal printed items, you may have seen it: Boots, High Heels and now this dress ♥
 I didn`t thought that I will ever wear a short animal printed dress, but you know...never say never. I think it is perfect for a late evening event and with the right accessories and heels for sure you`ll manage to stay away from that kind of outfit that includes this type of prints ( if you know what I mean).
So, in my case a small leather clutch without so many details and the pair of sandals that I was able to order from Zara Online Shop a while ago, but I didn`t manage to wear them due to the rainy weather, completed my outfit. 
And to change a bit the subject, what can it be more awesome than Zara having an online shop ♥ I was delighted and excited to search through the site and be able to buy anything I want without searching it in all the Zara stores from Bucharest ( you know that one store has something that another one may not have).
So go and try by yourself, you`ll be happy to receive the items at home I think, or if you prefer get it from the nearest store ♥

That`s it for today, I have to get back to work now
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Sunglasses: Here, Dress: Here, Bag: Here, Sandals: Zara

luni, 21 aprilie 2014


Happy Easter Loves!! I hope you enjoyed the holiday and that you had a wonderful time with your family and the beloved ones because that was what I have done and from my point of view Easter is only about family, close friends, love and peace ♥ 

Today`s outfit is a sort of all white one which makes me think as being a pure one. My mom first impression was " You look like a bride" and believe me the discussion that came after was quite fun and hilarious :D. Anyway I`m really happy that the weather finally allows us to wear spring items and outfits because I was craving for it for a while now.

I hope you like it and you`ll find all the details about the outfit as usual.
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Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Dress: Here, Belt: H&M, Sunglasses: Here, Bag & Heels: Here, Bracelet: Swarovski

marți, 15 aprilie 2014

I`m walking down the street with my Nikes on

Hi Loves ♥ Today I want to tell you about my current obsession: Nike AirMax 90. A year ago when my boyfriend told me that I should own a pair of sneakers like this I told him: " No way, How do you want me to wear them?? They are for doing sport only and end of story!!! "
 Well, now I have a completely different way of seeing the things. I found these beauties and I was in love with their color combo: Indigo and pastel. Now I`m thinking of wearing them not only with jeans but also with skirts and dresses and to complete some androgynous outfits ♥
Awesome, right?
Now I know that maybe not all of you will agree with my point of you and believe me, I completely understand you because I was thinking the same a while ago.  

I really want to see your impressions and just tell me what do you think about this trend? I`m really curious.
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Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Blazer: Zara, T-shirt: Here, Jeans: Here, Bag: Here, Sport Shoes: Nike, Sunglasses: Here

duminică, 13 aprilie 2014

Ballerina Style

Hi Loves!! I back with a new outfit and a short story of my new Ray Ban shades. So let`s begin first with my outfit: Is made by me of course and I`m so happy that I can finally share it with you because I finished it for a while but the weather didn`t allowed me to wear it...It is so ballerina style, obviously a contemparary one ♥ You can order it, so if you`re interested don`t hesitate and contact me on my personal email: manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com

And about the sunglasses, well, is a sad story behind it because I had a similar pair, it was a gift from my boyfriend and I lost it and I don`t know where :( Since then, I was searching for a pair that looks like the one I had but with no success. But now things have changed and I`m extremely happy to wear them again thanks to Ray Ban Originals.
 I highly recommend you to check their website because they have many, and when I say many... I really mean it, pairs of sunglasses, different shades and different models, you`ll be delighted. And what can I say more?? That their prices are so affordable? I know, I convinced you, haha ♥

So I hope you enjoy it and let`s have a new great week
Kisses, Manuella♥

I was wearing: Sunglasses: Here, Dress and Skirt: My own design, Bag: Here, Heels: Here  

miercuri, 9 aprilie 2014

Who let the dogs out?

Hy loves! Well, what can I say more, today was one of my best days ever. Busy indeed, but when you`re doing something that you like, is more than just perfect. I finished another 2 new dresses that you`ll be able to order them from Here or Here soon, I received 3 new packages ( can`t wait to show you what is inside) and even more my next outfits will be sponsored with bags from Jadu. They have gorgeous leather bags and the one in the pictures is one of them. Even more I send 7 packages with some lovely dresses that some of you already ordered ♥ Can`t wait to see the impressions !!

And it was not only about that. The story continues and I hope it will continue like this for a while.
About the outfit, well it is a casual one and as you know, I LOVE all the tipes of high heels ♥ And this pair is one of the new ones. Combined with a pair of skinny jeans and a large blouse I think is perfect for a busy day when you also want to look fresh and chic :D

I hope you like the pictures
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Blouse, Jeans and Heels: Here, Bag: Here, Bracelet: Swarovski

luni, 7 aprilie 2014

Hannibal reloaded

Fetelor, acum ceva timp, v-am povestit pe scurt despre experienta mea in proiectul in care am fost implicata de Diva Hair si AXN Romania. A fost o experienta minunata si ma bucur sa vad ca pozele au iesit atat de bine. Voi ce parere aveti? Stiu ca nu sunt acele poze cu care v-am obisnuit insa a fost o provocare care ne-a dat putin batai de cap tuturor insa nu am putut sa o refuzam. In plus, oamenii cu care am colaborat au fost minunati si am fost o echipa pe cinste, am combinat munca si distractia, pe care le-am incheiat cu un pahar de vin rosu si cu multe amintiri placute ♥

De asemenea incepand din aceasta seara veti putea urmari sezonul 2 al serialului pe AXN, asa ca pentru toti fanii acestuia, banuiesc ca este o veste extrem de buna, nu? :D

Sper sa va placa :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

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Bloggers: Me, OZ style, Sweet as Paprika
Hair and make-up: Beauty District 
Tinute: Iris Serban 
Foto: Mihnea Ratte Photography
Locatie: Grand Cafe Van Gogh/ Sala Tulp
Un proiect AXN-Romania