6 February 2016

Obtain an outfit within $40

 Sometimes is super simple to dress withing a limited budget, but it`s extremely hard if the budget is too low and you have to adapt. But here I am, suggesting you an outfit that can be bought at no more than $40, completing it with leather beige shoes and bag.

For more details check the links in the I was wearing section. Wish you all a wonderful weekend!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Coat: Here
Sweater: Here
Jeans: Here
Heels: Here
Bag: Simila Here

5 February 2016

Outfit of the day & dejamoda app


Hi loves! Today I want to present you two things: I will start first with my new outfit and I will continue with a brand new application that I recently discovered and that is making my shopping life a lot easier.

So, first about the outfit is something that I wore during the weekend when the weather was not so cold as in the previous days.

I decided to wear a casual sport outfit perfect for a chill Sunday. For all the links and details about the items check the I was wearing section or just click the first picture and it will direct you to my favorite app and to the items I`m wearing or to similar ones. 

And now comes the news about the app I was talking about. Because I told you about my outfit and the brands I`m wearing, I want to ask you: Would you like to find a place where you can add pictures of celebrities or simply pictures from Pinterest or from your phone where you have a specific item you like and let the app find it for you? Even more, dejamoda, besides the fact that it finds the items for you, it comes up with some other suggestions too, similar ones in a wide range of prices, from cheap products to expensive designers ones. In this way you will find the desired item and also find one that will suit your budget ♥

You can find inspiration in the daily feeds on the app as well as in other accounts like mine J. Just make sure to use the app from your smart phone for full functionality, but I think that we use more our phones nowadays than anything else so it is not a problem.

Also, you can get your Chrome extension of the app (currently available on over 700 sites!) so when you go for example on Amazon, it will bring you more options for similar products. Check it Here and see what I`m talking about!!

So, I will invite you to visit www.dejamoda.com and let me know what you think about it ♥ For me, is pure gold ahahha.

Wish you a wonderful day

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Only Jacket from Kurtmann
Ray Ban Sunglasses Here
H&M Shirt
Jeans Similar Here
Calvin Klein Sneakers
YVY Bags Black Bag

3 February 2016

Time for a change

Astazi va vorbesc despre o mica schimbare pe care am decis sa o fac, mai exact am ales sa imi maresc buzele. Poate cateva ma veti critica pt alegerea facuta insa sper ca informatiile pe care o sa le impart cu voi o sa va fie utile.

Inainte de interventie, am avut extrem de multe curiozitati si temeri: daca o sa doara, daca o sa se invineteasca, ce se poate intampla rau si cat tine efectul. Ei bine, acestea au fost temerile mele si pe rand am primit raspunsul la fiecare intrebare.

Interventia in sine, a durat aproximativ 30 minute. Dupa analizarea buzelor si a formei lor, doctorul a ales sa imi faca anestezie pentru a diminua durerea din timpul procedurii. In concluzie, durerea nu a fost atat de mare :D

Daca s-au invinetit? Sincer va spun, foarte putin dar efectul a trecut destul de repede. Desigur, imediat dupa interventie, buzele erau inflamate asta doar pt ca au fost intepate de multe ori... sau cel putin au fost intepate suficient :D. De asemenea rezultatul imediat nu este cel final, buzele ramanand sa revina la forma dorita abia dupa cateva zile, ca sa nu mai spun de faptul ca eu eram amortita si nu stateam... normal :)) 

Despre ce se poate intampla rau, am citit pe net o multitudine de pareri. In cazul meu, nimic nu s-a intamplat rau. Desigur, va recomand sa optati pentru acid hialuronic, iar alegerea mea finala s-a indreptat catre Juvederm, asta desigur la recomandarea doctorului.

Efectul, din ce am auzit este de cateva luni si variaza, insa in medie durata este de 6 luni de zile. Un motiv in plus pentru care am optat pentru aceasta procedura s-a datorat si faptului ca buzele mele erau strambe... da, ati citit bine! Din ruj, multe lucruri se pot remedia: volumul, marimea dar si simetria lor insa in mod natural buzele mele erau aproape inexistente :))

Ca sa inchei, experienta a fost una satisfacatoare si rezultatul exact pe gustul meu: Buze putin mai conturate si mai pline iar pentru asta trebuie sa ii multumesc si sa vi-l recomand cu drag si incredere pe DR. Alexandru Paraschiv. Ne cunoastem de ceva timp, insa cu toate acestea mereu mi-a raspuns la toate intrebarile legate de temerile pe care le aveam intr-un mod profesional si sincer. 

Daca aveti si alte nelamuriri imi puteti scrie si va raspund cu drag sau pentru un sfat avizat ii puteti scrie si doctorului pe pagina de facebook AICI.

1 February 2016

Spring Summer Collection by C&A

 I know I just finished sharing with you my trip to Paris but it`s time to share with you another journey. C&A had the new collection release last Thursday and it was incredible. They change their style in time and right now, they because the place where we can go and buy fashionable items that also comes at a great quality.

I was happy to see the girls again and because the time spent at Annart Gallery wasn`t enough, we decided to continue our night at one of my favorite places in town: E3 by entourage.

 You can see more pictures and how fun we had that night also on my facebook and instagram pages♥

I was wearing:
Hat Here
Leather Jacket Here
Khaki Blouse Here
Bershka Pants (Old)/ Here
Sequins Boots Here
Michael Kors Bag Here

28 January 2016

From Paris With Love - Last post

 Good morning loves! Today I`m going to share with you the last part of my trip to Paris! Some of the pictures were already posted on my Facebook and Instagram, but I wanted to share with you more here and to avoid spamming you there ahahaah!!

We decided to wake up early and to enjoy the day as much as possible! We had one more day to stay but during that one we just went for souvenirs, to enjoy a coffee and a meal on the fancy restaurants and to see for the last time during this holiday the Parisian spirit.
Even if it was cloudy the entire day and even if it rained a bit, we went again to see the Eiffel Tower( but this time by day) and to admire the city from above. Sadly, during this winter period, only the 2 floors are open, so if you want to visit the city, you should take this into consideration. The view is still awesome but the 3rd floor is much higher and it will be heartbreaking.

After, we wont by foot on the small streets to see the Mouse de L`Armee together with the Dome des Invalides, since both of them are in the same place. If you loved history in high school and not only these places are a must see. And believe me, if you`re not such a history lover, the architecture will deserve your attention and will capture your interest. The tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte is the most impressive and don`t get my joke wrong but it`s in contrast with his well known height :D

Right in from of these Museums, you will also see Pont Alexandre III which is considered to be the most extravagant bridge in the city with 4 gilt-bronze statues that watch over the bridge and the Nymphs statues that are situated in the center of the bridge.

And the last two activities of the day were to see the Ferris Wheel that is situated at Place de la Concorde and offers you a great view above Paris again. Different from the view offered by the Eiffel Tower, I recommend you this one too.  The last but not least activity was to go on a walk through Champs Elysee and if you`re in for the shopping, take your time and go along both sides. I hope you`ll get prepared before this and have your arms strong enough because it will be difficult to carry all the bags :))
P.S.: As mentioned before, during this period you can also enjoy high discounts since it`s the sale period.

I hope you enjoyed my trip through pictures and I have to confess that I`m already thinking on my next destination and I have in my mind at the moment London and Barcelona. Any other suggestions?

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Jacket similar Here
Zara Pants from Kurtmann
Michael Kors Bag Here
Tamaris Boots
Stefanel Scarf
Prada Sunglasses Here

26 January 2016

Handle the cold in style

 Facing and handling the cold during the winter is quite a challenge for us and I`m not excluded. I never enjoyed clothing items that makes us look like we are going to Narnia. So I decided a while ago to follow my instinct and wear cozy, fashionable and somehow warm items.
Today I can give you the type of outfit that I do accept wearing. Sure, if you have a full day, in a crowded city like Bucharest with no parking places, is not really a good idea but I will always pick the good looking instead of being too comfortable.

I hope you can be inspired by my outfit and stay fashionable :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Pepa Love Cape
Romwe Shirt
Zara Pants From Kurtmann
Jessica Buurman boots
YVY Bags Bag

25 January 2016

Travel with me in Paris: Part II

 It`s time for the part II of my trip to Paris. As I`ve already told you, most of my pictures were taken with the phone and even more in this specific day that I`m sharing today I also forgot my camera at the hotel. But there is no problem for me but I really want to share with you my day in pictures and hope that you`ll love the city as much as I do ♥

I think that half of the day was spent at the Lafayette Galleries. Besides the fact that you can simply walk in there and admire everything from the architecture to the large number of stores, we were lucky enough to be there during the Sales period. Chaos... Believe me this is the best work to describe the situation. We bought some items, mostly for my boyfriend ahaha but if you plan to visit this city and enjoy sales, well prepare to be patient enough if you want to get through this activity.

Since we were extremely tired after this exhausting activity ahahaha, we had a chill lunch and after went to visit Louvre Museum outside and from the inside which is amazing, I mean extremely big and is incredible how people managed to build such impressive buildings transformed into art.
During that day, the time allowed us to visit only the Notre Dame Church and the wine and dine at a fancy restaurant just across the street from our hotel ♥

Everything was just perfect, maybe if the day could have been longer....

Wish you a wonderful day girls and don`t forget to smile... your day will be better!
Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing:
Shein Coat
Zara Turtleneck from Kurtaman
Jeans similar Here
Tamaris Boots
Michael Kors bag Here

24 January 2016

Furry Coat and Faux Leather Culottes

Hi loves! Today I want to present you two things: I will start first with my new outfit and I will continue ( now) by telling you that I have a small surprise for you but it will be shared at the right time.

So, about the outfit, this is something that I wore yesterday when the weather was extremely unpleasant and cold and I still had to go out, but I have to say that I`m happy because is not snowing anymore. I think that it would have been great if we had this kind of weather during the holidays but there is nothing that we can actually do, right?

I decided yo wear my own design furry coat and the boots that are part of my Inia Lavin Project, the YVY Bags statement bag and the Shein faux leather culottes. In my opinion, you can go for short pants with over the knee boots because they make the perfect combo and who said that we cannot wear culottes in the winter was so wrong!!

That`s it for today, I hope you enjoy this sunny day and I promise you that I will be back soon with  some new pictures from my trip to Paris.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend,
Kisses, Manuella ♥ 
I was wearing:
Inia Lavin Furry Coat
Shein Leather Culottes
Inia Lavin Leather Boots
YVY Bags camel safiano bag
Guess Watch
Pandora Pracelet and Charm

23 January 2016

Winter time

I know outside is really cold and you can see snow everywhere, but I decided to confront it and wear some of my favorite items. Also I have to admit that I did not stayed too much outside but it was long enough I can say :D

It`s been a while since I last wore my Jessica Buurman boots but it is time to get them back on the scene. You can see all the details about what I`m wearing and direct links to all the items so enjoy them and hurry up because most of the items can be found on sales!!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend and soon I will be back with something new for you!!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Jessica Buurman Boots
Zara Pants from Kurtmann
Prada Sunglasses
Michael Kors Bag
She In Jacket
Romwe Shirt

22 January 2016

Travel with me: First day in Paris

Good morning girls! Today I want to share with you some pictures from my first day in Paris. Actually you`ll find pictures since we left until we got back in the room to get some rest but is the same thing right?
In the first day, we were super excited and energetic even if we had the chance to sleep only for a couple oh hours... no more than 3! You can see first my airport outfit, my tired face and some pictures taken during the flight. The landscape was just gorgeous and I couldn`t resist the tamptation of sharing them with you.

After that we arrived at the hotel. A small but extremely fancy room was expecting us and I will always recommend you the Opera Frochot Hotel if you decide one day to visit Paris and don`t know where to stay. Is situated at 2 minutes from the subway station, max 10 min of walking to Sacre Coeur Church and also 10 minutes of walking in the opposite direction from Laffayete Galleries. For some, 10 minutes may seem too much, but believe me that the streets are just gorgeous and you just don`t feel the time passing by.

So as I can guess, we decided to visit first the Sacre Coeur Church and you have pictures just from the outside because inside it was too gorgeous and I just forgot to picture more.
The rest of the day was spent searching the right local restaurant to eat specific food and then we visited by night Moulin Rouge, The Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

Paris is great by day but is magical by night. I won`t bore you too much and I hope you will enjoy the pictures. For me is was the third time here but I have to confess that I just can`t get enough of it.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend loves,

Bisous, Manuella ♥